1/2" inch Angled Shoe With Screw Set
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1/2" inch Angled Shoe With Screw Set

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The 1-2 inch angled shoe helps fill out the full effect of the iron baluster. It is not required for the installation, but is highly recommended. Along with the Angled Shoe, there is a 1/2" inch Flat Shoe for the iron balusters that sit on stair treads and are on a balcony. All shoes come with a screw set which requires and Allen wrench for tightening. Adding shoes do not add additional strength to the stair case, it is use to add additional looks to the bottom of the stair nosing and top of the handrail. Angled shoes are used on closed stringers and or handrail going upstairs at an angle. The 1-2 inch series is used for the Twist and Basket Series Iron Balusters, Versatile Series Iron Balusters, Ribbon Series Iron Balusters, Belly Iron Balusters, and all of the 1-2 inch Scroll Series Iron Balusters. Upon order hollow or solid iron balusters depends on which type of shoes you will receive unless told to use a specific type by the customer. Hollow iron balusters come with a cast aluminum shoe. A solid iron baluster will come with a cast iron shoe. Colors vary for solid to hollow and we keep the colors consistent to make the customers install go a lot smoother. Shoes were created to keep the flaws hidden from drilled holes and epoxy that gets our poured when the iron baluster gets installed. Shoes come in every color we offer: Flat Black, Satin Black, Silver Vein, Antique Bronze, Oil Rubbed Copper, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Antique Nickel.

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